Stroper: Issue 1

Stroper: Issue 1


Stroper is a 10 issue story arc that builds up to a climactic finale!!

Issue: 1
The Galactic Union, a corrupt, united political body rules over the civilized systems. The Union’s bloated bureaucracy and deep corruption puts enormous weight on the spacefaring working class, making it nearly impossible to survive or thrive doing honest work. The illegal hunting and selling of alien wildlife is in extremely high demand. Organs are sold to black market doctors. Trophies to rich politicians. It’s a dangerous game but a lucrative business. This is known as Stroping. Pak Booker, a Stroper imprisoned in the Bo’ak 5 prison mines, seeks revenge on the people that locked him away. However, his story is not as straightforward as it appears, and his journey for redemption has only just begun.

26 pages

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